Today I had one of the most funny and annoying ATM experiences.

First, let me describe the ATM: a big screen with 4 buttons on the left side and 4 on the right side. The numeric keyboard(digits, Enter, Cancel and Backspace buttons) is placed on the right side on some angle so you can type easy.

I inserted the card and I was asked for the PIN code. Well... one of the digits was not really working. I pressed the button so hard that eventually I get two asterisks - this means I've typed a digit twice. [Ups!] The backspace or cancel buttons were not working and, on the screen, there was just one option: "Confirm PIN"... Without any other alternative I pressed the "Confirm" button and surprise: I got the screen where you choose the amount of money you want to withdraw [Wow, this is a mind reading ATM - he definitely read the PIN from my brain :) ]. Forgot to mention, the Confirm button is not on the numeric keyboard, it is on the right side of the screen - pretty intuitive.

Now let's choose the sum... Well the sum contains the digit that's not working... Pressed it again hard and got two digits [ Déjà vu? ]. The backspace button as not working and the only option from the screen was "Cancel". So I have to move from the numeric keyboard to the screen side buttons. [ It deleted the whole number I've typed. I just want to delete one digit... Annoying! ]. After a few tries I've managed to enter the sum and pressed OK - again this was a screen side button.

Now this is the funny part: I get the receipt but no money. [ Wow! ] On it there was a message "Invalid PIN" [ You must be kidding. You asked me about the sum I want to withdraw and made me enter a number almost impossible to type just to inform me that the PIN - which I have entered previously - is wrong?? Damn ].

All I wanted was to take the card and leave from that stupid ATM. Guess what? The card cannot be taken out of the machine until you enter the correct PIN... So I got back to the PIN screen. Being extremly carreful I've managed to enter the PIN - I repeat myself: there was no cancel button and if you enter a wrong PIN 3 times the card will be blocked - and the sum I want.

What more can I say?