This is the first Christmas that I'm spending without my family. This is both good and bad. Is obvious why is bad but is good because I had the chance to know how is to do it different.

First of all, yesterday, which was my last for day for the year 2010, together with a few colleagues, we made snowmen in the MDCC campus. Those that saw them, categorized them as sincerely as possible as "the ugliest snowmen ever" but we are proud of them. The snow was really soft and it was impossible to make snow balls so we had to improvise.

Today, I celebrated Christmas together with 3 friends, 2 from India and one from Bangladesh. It was a little strange because I am the only one celebrating Christmas; for them is just free day :-) We cooked some Indian food - chicken, rice and something yellow that I don't remember how is called - , drink some wine and laughed a lot. To my best surprise, the food was not as spicy as I was expecting and it was extremely delicious.

In a few days I'm going to Romania to see my friends and my relatives. However, I will not see my parents because they are in another country...

In the end, I wish you all:

And I leave you with a comic: