For those who don't know, Firefox 3 Final was released today. As any new version of a software product it brings a lot of new, cool and improved features.

The first change that almost any Firefox 2 user will notice is the new graphic interface. This remembers about Internet Explorer 7 GUI at some point :) The icons where redesigned, the back/forward buttons were completely changed, the address bar has new features and more customization is possible.

Firefox 3 Interface

In my opinion one of the major updates is the Download Manager. Now downloads can be resumed even after you completely close Firefox (if the server supports this feature) - this was a feature I always wanted in Firefox.

Firefox 3 Download Manager

Firefox 3 AddressbarThe new address bar provides auto completion - when you start typing it displays results from browsing history and bookmarks. The links from bookmarks have a golden start next to them.

Also now it is easier to bookmark a link, just click the white start from its right and the bookmark wizard will appear. Taking about bookmarks, the bookmark manager was redesigned and offers integration with Foxmarks and similar bookmark-backup tools.

Remember when you have tried to zoom a page in Firefox 2 and only the text changed its size? Now when zooming the graphic elements change their size according to the magnification level.

Firefox 3 Zoom

If you think that's all you are wrong. The addons manager was changed, now you can install some extensions directly from it and offers the possibility to view and enable/disable plugins (adobe acrobat, flash, silverlight, shockwave etc.).

Firefox 3 Get Add-onsFirefox 3 Plugins

What I've told until now are just visual changes. The guys from Mozilla said that the pages load faster, the memory usage was drastically reduced and web standards compatibility was improved but I cannot confirm this because I've been using Firefox 3 for only 8 hours.

Also, I've found one bug but I think that it will be fixed soon by Microsoft. Even though I have installed Silverlight, Microsoft's website cannot find this plugin and asks me to install it. :)

Firefox 3 and Silverlight

Overall, the new Firefox brings some new cool and useful features and I think that any Firefox 2.x or even Firefox 1.x (are there any? :) ) should update to this new version.