There's been a while since my last post (except the previous one, today). This happened because I was busy moving to The Netherlands. I had to relocate because I have enrolled in a master programme at the Technical University of Delft (TUDelft). Will study computer science (software engineering) in the next two years.

A few things about Delft.


Bike 1Bike 2Everybody has a bike here (see the picture on left). No matter if is sunny or rainy people go on bike. There are a lot bike tracks and everywhere you find a bike parking place. Something that I haven't seen in Romania are old people on bike; here you can see old men/ladies of 70 years on bike (and going fast!). It was a shock when an old man got in front of me. As I told, everybody has a bike here, so I also got one (picture on the right).

Compared to Romania, bikes are extremely expensive: >300 euros for a new one and 100-300 for a second hand one. I am sure you know the story about bikes that get stolen in Holland - hope that my bike will not be part of this story.


WaterThe first thing you notice in Delft is the architecture. There are a lot of buildings with the same aspect (small houses, red roofs, etc.) but there are other building - most of them from the faculty that different. They impose in the picture of the city.

One of them is the EWI (Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica = "Electronics, Mathematics and Informatics) building. I think is the tallest building here having 21 (or 22??) floors and something that you don't see from outside: it has one of the fastest elevators. This building has a cafeteria, bikes garage in the basement, a lot of computers for free use, class rooms, labs and a lot of offices. The pictures below show the building and the view from the 19th floor.


ArchitectureAnother interesting building is the Faculty of Architecture - of course, there are architects there so the building must be cool. I don't have pictures from the inside where is fantasy of bright colors. The building is not impressive by size. Actually the colors make it different. I have just one picture of it but will try to get some more in the next days. Notice the windows' frames and the chairs in front.

There are also other buildings like the Aula that looks like a space ship (to me), the sloped building of the library, the Maritime Engineering building that has a small submarine in front of it, the new church that is really tall, etc but will let those building for another time because of two reasons: (1) I don't have pictures, (2) I need material for other posts :)

Other places to visit

There are many places to visit in Delft - 12 museums - but you can see a lot of interesting things outside. There is a big square with the New Church on one end and the city hall on the other, it is a really nice view (picture 1). There are a lot of birds on streets and because there is a lot of water (we are 2 meters below - yes, below - the sea level) they live in the city; see the second picture with ducks. Also, I found a strange car on a street (picture 3).

New church Ducks Cool car

Having a lot of rain has an advantage: rainbows. Yesterday I saw a really big one from my apartment. Oh, and the last picture is my room - as you can see everything is green here; Dutch people/architects really like this color.

Rainbow Room

This being said, I will end the post here.