Dear Visitor,

oneyearcakeToday this blog makes one year since it is hosted on LunarPages' servers.

My target was to post this message as the post with number one hundred but I preferred to be 96 instead of writing four more dummy and maybe stupid posts. I hope that at least a part of the posts wrote here were useful and I would like to get more feedback in order to improve what I write.

It was an year full of surprises and discoveries. I found out what Twitter, SEO, Wordpress, PHP, Google Analytics, (etc) are, I met a lot of people through this blog, I won something and I had fun writing all this.

As a present, the blog got the picture of the cake (yeah, just the picture) on the right and a new header. Do you like them?

The most read content of this blog in one year (Top 5 Posts and Pages):

  1. SkypeGadget
  2. Install custom firmware on Asus WL500G Premium
  3. Using UAC with C# - Part 1
  4. How to install SQL Server 2008 in almost 4 hours
  5. Chuck Norris Java facts

Ok... So this been said, let the party start! [Where are the presents?] Have a drink from the right side (sidebar)