There's been a week since I am the proud owner of a HTC HD mobile phone.

The first WOW

htc_touch_hd_versus_iphone_3gThe HTC HD is one of the greatest phones I ever interacted with. It is impossible to keep your "WOW" when you first see it. It has an huge 3.8'' resistive touch screen which is the second biggest screen for mobile phones (Toshiba TG01 has 4.1'') and compared to an iPhone the display is really impressive. Also has a good resolution: 800x480.

The second WOW

The HTC HD looks really good and even it weights 146g, seems a light (or at least compared with my previous Toshiba Portege G900 that had 200g). It's hard to believe that is only 1.2 cm thick and because of this, the phone gets conformable in one's hand and you don't notice that it has 11.5 cm height and 6.2 width.

Stop WOW-ing

I didn't believed what other reviewers said on the Internet: that you feel the lack of a d-pad. This is true! The only way to navigate through menus/pages/etc is to scroll with the finger/stylus or use the arrow keys on the virtual keyboard - is not as comfortable as it may seem. The phone has only four hardware buttons that are touch sensitive. There are two call buttons (start/end call), the home button and a back button. The problem with all these, except that you don't get a push feedback (just an annoying vibration) is that they are not illuminated.

In direct sunlight the phone becomes and beautiful 3.8'' mirror. It is almost impossible to see anything.


As I told before the phone has a 3.8'' display and four touch sensitive buttons on front. Also, there is a secondary camera for 3G calls and a light sensor - it adapts the screen brightness and turns off the screen when the phone is close to the ear. On sides we have the volume buttons, the power button and... no camera button. What?? In order to take a picture you need to press the screen.

On the bottom there is the stylus and the PC cable connector, while on top we have a 3.5mm audio jack - this is good because you can connect a regular pair of headset.

IMG_4824 IMG_4825 IMG_4826

The back of the phone is reserved to the rubber coated battery cover and to the camera lens. The rubber cover is good because the phone cannot fall from your hand. The 5MP camera doesn't have a blitz - what a shame!


The hardware configuration is impressive. Powered by a Qualcomm® MSM 7201A™ 528 MHz processor accompanied by 288 MB of RAM and an 8GB storage card, this device is good for everything! All applications run well.

The phone has almost all connectivity options: GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA, WiFi, Bluetooth. However there is no infrared port but most users (including me) will not miss it.

Travelers will appreciate the GPS chip. It works very good outside and it found 9 satellites using Google Maps in ~3 seconds; however no satellite can be found inside. Hobbyists will appreciate the integrated accelerometer that can be used to rotate the image, measure vibrations or... can have many purposes, some of them unexplored.


HTC HD is equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1. It's a custom version of Win Mobile, well known between HTC users, that integrates the TouchFlo interface. Because of the big screen, there are not many times when one needs the stylus in order to use the interface; in 1 week I used it 3 times. Also, there is nice virtual keyboard that can be used with the finger (if you don't have extra large hands).

By default it has Google Maps installed. I tried to install iGo8 but the application failed to start. Couldn't find a fix for this even though I tried everything on xda-developers so I quit trying. The bundle also includes: Office Mobile (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote), Adobe Reader, Opera 9.5, an application for recognizing contact information from pictures of business cards - very cool and well working -, MP3 trimmer, RSS reader and YouTube player.

Camera quality

The 5MP camera has reasonable quality and one must understand that HTC HD is a phone, not a photo camera. Because there is no blitz, I can't find a reason why should post pictures in the night. Find below some taken in natural light conditions.

IMAG0006 IMAG0013 IMAG0016 IMAG0022


Overall, I am really pleased by the new acquisition. However, there is still place for improvement so I will rate the device 8 out of 10.