I like OneNote. I use it to store different code snippets and links to tech pages with useful information. It is not the ideal tool for doing this - IMO there is no tool, yet, that can replace a physical notebook - but I got used to it. Especially I enjoy the search feature because is impossible to do it on paper.

Until a few months ago, a solution for sharing the notebook between PCs was Mesh (or DropBox, or similar services), solution about which I wrote here. Since Office Live, this task was simplified - not that it was complicated before. With Office Live you can now save the notebooks online and edit them directly. Moreover, it allows sharing notebooks between computers connected to the Internet.

To do this you need a SkyDrive account (actually a LiveID). Then you can go on the website and create a new notebook. Give it a name and add information in it;do (almost) whatever you were doing in the OneNote client.

Now, if you choose Open in OneNote it will add that notebook to the application and... the best part... it will keep it synchronized with the live version. You still have a local copy but if you lose it, only the changes since the last sync are gone - if you are connected to the Internet then the last sync is, probably, 2 minutes ago. If you change the notebook in one place (on the website or in the local application), the changes will be reflected everywhere.

You can open the notebook on two or more computers and it will be updated on all of them. Even if one of them is offline, the changes are stored on the Internet and when you connect, you get the updated version.