TestNForce is a Visual Studio 2010 addin that will help you reduce the time spent on testing, thus reducing the development time, the budget spent on the project and the time to market.

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“Aiding software developers to test with TestNForce” - Victor’s masters thesis


Regression testing is an expensive process because, most of times, all the available test cases are executed. Many techniques of test selection/filtering have been researched and implemented, each having its own strong and weak points. This paper introduces a tool that helps developers and testers to identify the tests that need to be executed after a code change, in order to check for regressions. The implementation is based on dynamic code analysis and the purpose of the tool is to eliminate the time spent on testing using inappropriate test cases (tests that bring no value in checking for regressions). The adequacy, usability and completeness of this tool have been evaluated through the meanings of a user study. During the study, a number of developers used the tool and expressed their opinion about it through questionnaires.

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From Victor’s thesis defense: