June was a busy month. I didn't have time to write anything on blog, even though I wrote some tweets on Twitter.

I managed to finalize the paper about Rete algorithm and expert systems. Will publish it soon. Also, I presented it at the faculty and I want to write about this presentation.

The Bachelor's presentation from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics from the Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania is awful. First of all, I was scheduled for 3:15 PM and entered the exam room at 5:20 PM. This wouldn't have been a problem but... When I entered the room I was told to speak as fast as possible and to skip slides from my presentation because they don't want to get bored. WTF?? Initially, we were told that we have 20 minutes to speak about the project, present the application and answer all questions; two days before the presentation the time was reduced to 15 minutes and, in the exam day, we must speak even less. How can one present a project in 10 (?) minutes and expect the committee to understand and give a fair mark?

Even worse, while I was speaking, the people from committee (except my thesis coordinator) were looking, for the first time (!), over what I wrote and were not listening to me :( Also, one of the examiners, entered the room after I started to speak. I don't think one can fairly evaluate a student if he/she didn't hear everything the student said. How can a professor evaluate an application and a thesis of 80 pages in 10 minutes? I can't understand.

If something can go wrong it (probably) will. The slides were projected on a wall and the whole room was flooded by light so that nothing can be seen on the wall. Actually, I spoke about some slide that no one can see. Nobody cared about this and they have evaluated something that they haven't seen. Weird, huh?

So my presentation was 10 minutes long, projected on a wall but invisible and the committee didn't care about what I was saying. I'm so disappointed.

The final mark for my presentation was 9.5/10 :( This is not okay because I've worked almost one year to implement the expert system... Something went wrong and I don't know what (yet).