I have the feeling that I’m getting old :) Last week I went to the supermarket to buy groceries. I was in front of the cashier when I took my credit card out from the wallet, put it in the POS and typed the PIN code. Surprisingly, I got an “Invalid PIN code” message. At that point I realized that the code I typed is actually the security code of something else, not of my card.

“Well… That’s not a big issue. I use that PIN everyday and shouldn’t be hard to type the correct one on the second attempt”, I told to myself. The second attempt ended with another “Invalid PIN code”. So did the third and my card got blocked.

The PIN code just vanished from my head. I tried to recall it, I know that it must be somewhere there, but I can’t.There are a lot of numbers in my head, some are of other cards and some I don’t know what they are. I even unblocked my card, tried 3 more codes that I thought might work and got the card blocked again.

Why can’t I remember the code? Meanwhile I ordered a new PIN…