OneNote allows users to create shared notebooks by using a shared folder or a SharePoint repository. When two persons who want to share a notebook are in different countries then a shared folder is not a too feasible solution. A SharePoint repository can be created for free on Office Small Business but you have only 50 MB for storage and you need at least basic SharePoint knowledge.

As you might already know, Live Mesh allows one to sync files across multiple computers. A big advantage is the Live Desktop - a 5000 MB online storage location that can be used for storage. When computers involved in the sync are not simultaneously online, the files are synced with the Live Desktop and, when the computers are back online, the files will be synced.

The sharing with Live Mesh works like this: add notebooks' files on Mesh and they can sync across computers. When a notebook is updated, if you are online the change will be sent/received to/from the Live Desktop.

Advantages of this method:AddToLiveMesh

  • No SharePoint knowledge are necessarily.
  • Works on Windows Mobile because Live Mesh has a mobile version.
  • Instant sync if you are online.
  • More storage space.
  • Full control over permissions directly from Explorer.
  • No user interaction for sync.
  • Files are kept offline and can be accessed even with no Internet connection.
  • You can store notebooks wherever you want.


  • Need to install Live Mesh (requires administrative rights).
  • You can set sharing permissions only on the top folder (depending on how you sync you can share also individual notebooks).
  • Live Mesh has many other functionalities that you might not need if you only want to sync notebooks.
  • While online you cannot control when to sync.
  • All persons involved must have Live Mesh installed.

To put your notebooks on Mesh (assuming that you have OneNote installed):

  1. Register for Mesh.
  2. Install the mesh client by adding your PC to the mesh.
  3. Select the folder(s) that contain(s):
    1. All your notebooks if you want to just backup or share all notebooks.
    2. Individual notebooks if you want to be able to share selected notebooks.
  4. Right click it/them select "Add folder to Live Mesh" (see the image on right). The folder is added to the Live Desktop and you can check it by opening the mesh in a browser.
  5. That's it. The folder is also online and you can share it with whoever you want.
InviteTo share notebooks:

  1. Select on your local disk a folder that is shared with Mesh.
  2. In the right sidebar select "Members"
  3. Click "Invite".
  4. Enter the e-mail addresses of the ones you want to share with and choose their permission level (Owner = full control; Contributor = can read/write but cannot perform special tasks; reader = can get files from Mesh but their updates are not synced).
  5. Click OK.


Even if you are the only user of a notebook you can use the Live Desktop for backup - this is how I use it.