Do you want 25 GB of free storage that can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet connection?

skydriveMicrosoft is offering 25 GB free online storage through SkyDrive. The drawback of this service is that you can only access files through a browser and if you want drag/drop facilities you must use Internet Explorer.

GladinetGladinet is developing a tool for mapping online drives as network drives. Using it you can map SkyDrive (and other services like GoogleDocs, Amazon S3, etc) in Windows Explorer. It is not the fastest or easy most solution but there is no other to map SkyDrive.

After you install Gladinet Cloud Desktop and configure it (it has an easy to use wizard) you get one more drive in My Computer that will contain subfolders for each online service you use. You can move files there just like they were local. Must mention that the sync is not instant. There is a tasks queue so each file is put in this queue and uploaded only after the previous has finished. Each operation works like this so you might no see online changes immediately.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is available in two versions: free and pro. The free version has a file limit of 1000 files/batch which, I think, should be enough for most users.

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Register for SkyDrive and download Gladinet Cloud Desktop.