Where is Victor?

Hello there,

Dynamics AX logo

It’s been quite a while since my last post. A lot of things changed in my life since then; well, a little before that post. First of all, I moved to Denmark. Here, I’m doing an internship at Microsoft (Development Center Copenhagen). More specifically, I am a SDET working with the Dynamics AX team. Even more specifically, I test the developers tools from Dynamics AX.

Secondly, in 3 months, I moved two times. First from Netherlands to Denmark and then I switched place one more time because I was too far from my workplace. I really hate this activity but nothing can be done… And… I will move once more before the end of the year :(

I also started my master thesis project. (Hopefully) The outcome will be a really nice tool for Visual Studio (but not only). It will help developers and testers to find faster/reduce the number of bugs and will reduce the development time/costs. That’s all I’m revealing for the moment.

Least but not last, Copenhagen. In some sense, the city is both beautiful and ugly. Is a strange combination of modern and classic. A classical looking city with parks, rivers, boats, bridges and building with the same architecture, but having high speed trains, modern buses, shops and blinking commercials - that’s Copenhagen. It is filled with attractions (museums, theme parks, shopping places, events) but is really expensive (ex: the price for a beer in a crappy bar starts at 4-5 euros). I didn’t have too much time for sightseeing but I managed to make a panorama picture (see below).

I will do my best to write some tech (‘geeky’ - how my friends call them) posts in the near future but I don’t promise anything. There is a lot of work to be done both on my thesis and at Microsoft…